Zero Waste Justine introduces her “tawashi” and other zero waste products

Zero Waste Justine introduces “Tawashi” and other waste-reducing products French zero waste expert, Justine Davasse, places strips of old tennis socks on a wooden board which has a row of nails on each edge. The sock strips cross and overlap each other in a way similar to carpet weaving.

After a few minutes, Justine is ready and starts to present her creation that looks a bit like a potholder. She calls it Tawashi, a sponge made of recycled materials.

Tawashi is one of Justine’s many self-manufactured everyday utensils. For example, she prepares her deodorant and toothpaste herself using organic raw materials. In addition to reducing waste, home-made products and items prevent exposure to harmful substances.
“For example, the problem with normal deodorants is the chemicals they contain. My homemade deodorant includes nothing but coconut oil, baking soda and potato flour – only ingredients that I could eat!”

Justine has led a waste-free life for the past three years. She is surprised by how little attention the zero waste way of life has received in Finland and hopes that an increasing number of people would start striving for a life free of waste.

“The problem with waste is that it just keeps accumulating, and while recycling is important, it alone cannot solve the waste problem. We must reduce the amount of waste generated, and here each consumer plays a significant role.”

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