Business example: From plastic into clothes and from clothes into patio furniture – TouchPoint x Hesburger

TouchPoint Oy uses recycled material to provide Hesburger with durable and ecological work clothes that at the end of their useful life are converted into sustainable, recyclable patio furniture by the partner company Dutch Awearness.

We need companies with courage to be forerunners and to make choices in different way, otherwise these things will never change.

Outi Luukko, Partner & CEO, Touchpoint Oy

TouchPoint and Hesburger started their collaboration in 2009, and since then there have already been three ecological workwear collections. During the forthcoming contract period, more than 600,000 recycled plastic bottles will be used for Hesburger’s new, more ecological Platinum-level workwear collection, and the T-shirts alone will save more than eight million litres of water.

One t-shirt in the Platina-collection saves 2700 litres of fresh water. Photo: Jussi Ratilainen

The collection also includes aprons made of Infinity-class fabrics that can be recycled into new fabrics up to eight times by reconstituting the fibres. Other clothes will be made into recyclable patio furniture, which means that the process as a whole is practically a closed loop.

Ecological work clothes from the previous collection and patio tables made from work clothes and plastic waste Hesburger’s restaurant in Raisio. Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä.

One patio table manufactured by Dutch Awearness is made of 175 kilogrammes of work clothes that have reached the end of their useful life and 175 kilograms of plastic waste, for example, from fabric spools.

More information on the patio furniture:
  • 48% recycled plastic
  • 48% recycled textiles
  • 4% bonding agent
  • 50 years warranty
  • 100% recyclable
Material used for the new Platina-collection and product-specific material savings:
  • Jeans: recycled cotton
  • Shirt: 6.7 recycled plastic bottles
  • T-shirt: 2700 litres of water saved per shirt
    • 100% recycled material
    • 0 harmful chemicals
  • Belt:  20 recycled plastic bottles
  • Scarf:  1.5 recycled plastic bottles
  • Cap: 1.25 recycled plastic bottles
  • Beanie: Organic cotton

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