Energy Efficiency with Recycled Plastic

Inosence Polyol Oy is a company established in Tampere in 2015. Our strength lies in our ability to produce high-quality, one-micron precision filtered polyester polyols for the insulation industry. In our production, based on our proprietary innovation, we utilize recycled PET plastic. The process has undergone a long development history, transitioning from laboratory conditions through pilot plant testing to commercial operations.

Isolating from wine bottle labels

The required raw material, purified and colorless PET plastic, is sourced from various suppliers. One of our suppliers is UPM Raflatac, which produces labels for wine bottles and detergent packaging, among other things. The silicon-coated backing tape of the labels presents challenges in recycling the material, but our developed process at Inosence enables the efficient utilization of this challenging material.

We actively seek new raw material suppliers and welcome inquiries from companies that generate PET plastic as a byproduct or waste.

A Pioneering Solution

Polyester polyols made from recycled plastic help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and minimize the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the insulation and construction industry. Polyester polyols used in insulation have a long and useful life, lasting for decades, and the thermal insulation properties of the products made from them are top-notch.

One of our customers, the Finnish company FinnFoam, uses our recycled polyol as the secondary primary raw material in the production of PIR insulation boards.

Continuous Development

Our company’s development has been ongoing. We have transitioned from laboratory conditions to currently operating a chemical facility employing 11 individuals. Work is constantly being done to expand our operations. This year, we invested in storage space on the premises, increasing storage capacity from 50 to 250 tons.

We are also continuously improving our production process. One recent development is the glycol byproduct generated from the process, which can now be sold for various applications.

You can read more about Inosence’s activities in an article published by YLE on March 30, 2022 (in Finnish only).

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