Kiertonet: online auction for public sector second-hand items

When a new item is purchased for a public organisation, the old one may be left in the warehouse or sold for a low, almost nominal price. Useful items may even end up as waste. As such, the value of public property acquired through tax revenue is lost and its environmental footprint increases.

Used property has value

Kiertonet offers a circular solution to the problem: an efficient and transparent selling platform for the sale of public organisations’ property, assets and real estate.

“ is an online auction that allows public organisations to obtain value-based prices for their property quickly, with low sales costs and no extra storage requirements”, says Pekka Kallunki, CEO of Kiertoa Oy which maintains the Kiertonet service.

Anyone can be a buyer at Kiertonet, where you can make various discoveries, all the while helping the environment and promoting the circular economy.

“Auctions can take place from your own home couch, if you like; you don’t have to drive anywhere to attend a traditional city auction, for example”, says Kallunki.

While working in the municipal sector as head of procurement I was troubled, as a city official, by the fate of used items. I decided to open an online auction that would promote circular economy.

CEO Pekka Kallunki, Kiertoa Oy

Risk-free sales

Selling in Kiertonet is completely risk-free and the seller does not need to be a sales professional. The only cost to the seller is the sales commission, which is charged only for completed transactions and is determined according to the price of the item sold.

The Kiertonet service caters particularly to the needs of the public sector.

“The payment process and reporting of payments, for instance, are carried out in compliance with public sector transparency requirements”, Kallunki describes.

A resource-efficient service

The Kiertonet service works in a socially and environmentally responsible, resource-efficient way: items that are useless for someone get new lives. Item acquired with tax revenue results in a price equivalent to its value, which generates revenue for the public sector. The auction takes place online, and upon completion, the goods are transferred directly from the seller to the buyer without any additional interim storage or transport.

The whole process allows time, space, work and energy to be saved, the circular economy is progressing and the carbon footprint is reduced.

Expert of public procurement

Kiertoa Oy was launched in 2015. The company provides the public sector with circular solutions in asset management and helps to use public funds responsibly, while protecting the environment and supporting growth.

“We are an expert in circular economy, public procurement and competitive bidding. Alongside the online auction, we provide the public sector with services such as inventory, evaluation or descriptions needed for real estate sales”, says Kallunki.

Kiertoa Oy is a good example of how a circular economy can inspire the creation of new and profitable business. The company has experienced steady growth in operations in recent years and now employs four people. New services are already being planned, and there is potential to expand operations abroad in the future.

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