Soilfood – Growth to arable land from circular economy

Photo: Hanna Koikkalainen

Since 1950s agriculture has developed under the guidance of chemical and technical innovations. It cannot be denied that development would have brought benefits of more efficient cultivation. The horse has been replaced by tractor and automation makes it easier for the farmer’s daily life making work even safer. However, on the down side, the arable lands are suffering from erosion. Over the years the share of organic material in the soil, i.e. the amount of fertility, and crop productivity has decreased at the same time.

The continuity of agriculture requires recycling nutrients and taking care of the arable land. According to the UN, we have 60 harvest times left if fields continue loosing nutrients. Soilfood’s most important goal is to grow the share of organic material in soil and keep the soil productive.

When the soil at field contains enough organic matter, it curbs climate change and generates profit for the farmer.

Nutrient cycle. Photo: Soilfood

Soilfood – the pioneer of the recycled fertiliser

Recycling of nutrients and increasing the amount of organic material in soil are the prerequisite for the continuity of agriculture. Of the nutrients that plants need, phosphorus is a natural resource that is running out from the planet. The depletion of phosphorus can happen in couple of decades if agriculture does not utilise the circulating nutrient flows in our society.

The current agricultural fertilising is not increasing the amount of organic material in soil. Instead, the erosion of fields increases and the farmer experiences losses. The direction must be changed and therefore Soilfood has been established. The desire of the founders and shareholders of Soilfood to change the customary ways and solutions of agriculture also bring environmental benefits. When the structure of the arable land is in order, the nutrients remain in the soil and the field functions as a carbon sink.

Support your local

Although Soilfood is a driver for national and even global change, the entrepreneurship and locality have always been cornerstones of the company. Quite a few of the Soilfood people are farmers and manage fields with care. The CEO Eljas Jokinen worked his youth at South Finland’s greatest dairy cattle farm and the first contact with recycled fertilisers was at the ager of 18 years old, when his company started to provide sludge distribution services at Pirkanmaa.

Soilfood sells solutions to the farmer, always taking into account farmer’s needs and circumstances, so that the farmer can get the best out of the solution – from the standpoint of the growing condition of the field and the profitability of cultivation. Soilfood’s partners are local contractors that handle the processing, logistics and distribution of the recycled fertilisers and soil amendments.

Reliable partner for an industrial operator

Soilfood refines high-quality fertilisers and soil amendments from industrial side streams with high agronomic expertise.

By taking the responsibility of utilising industry side stream where it originates, Soilfood gives the facility a chance to concentrate on their core business and gain additional ecological and economical value as well as bring circular economy point of view in utilisation of side stream. Soilfood is responsible for utilisation of remainders throughout the annual production in accordance with fertiliser law. Yearly Soilfood recycles up to 400 000 tons of industry side streams.

In Finland Soilfood has unique, strong know-how and experience in side stream from bio-energy and forest industry utilisation for agriculture and horticulture as well as recycled fertilisers and soil amendments for landscaping.

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The leap archive of Soilfood.

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