IlmastoAreena discusses climate change openly, Ii

“IlmastoAreena” translates to ClimateArena

According to Leena Vuotovesi, CEO of Micropolis Oy, a Finnish development company, ClimateArena was born from the company’s long-term dream of channeling Ii’s successful climate work into an open climate action party for all of Finland. It was hoped that the event would inspire everyone to participate in climate work.

“We wanted everyone’s perspective, government, citizens, science, art, entertainment, business management and village associations. The word must be free in order to achieve genuine commitment and action. We felt that Finland needs the Climate Arena and the natural place for it is Ii, which has been able to set an example in profitable climate work”

Leena Vuotovesi

The Climate Festival, which is open to all and is free of charge, is produced with the lowest possible emissions, utilizing renewable energy, sustainable mobility, and reused and reusable structures. As the biggest emissions come from traveling, electric car rides have been arranged for speakers and festival goers, as well as free bus transport and cycling with renewable diesel from Oulu. Focusing on local services supports local businesses and reduces logistics emissions, and remote access to production meetings saves you miles.

ClimateArena is part of a three-year (2019-2021) climate communication project led by Micropolis, funded by the EAFRD. The year-round debate in the communications project crystallizes every year as a climate festival, bringing the latest information and solving climate issues together. ClimateArena was selected as the winner of the August 2019 Hinku Prize. ClimateArena will be held again in August 2020 in Ii.

There was a lot of visitors, people are truly interested in Climate

Actors and projects

The leap archive of Ii.
The leap archive of Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku).

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